Chachi the Chihuahua back home in Florida after being found more than 700 miles away in Ohio

Dog back home in Fla. after being found in Ohio

MIDDLETOWN, Ohio — Chachi the Chihuahua is back home in Florida, thanks to a couple who found the pooch in southwest Ohio 10 months after it went missing. Owner Robert Bartman, of Gainesville, Fla., said he doesn’t know how the dog ended up 700 miles from home.

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Animal on board: Ways to fly cheaper and hassle-free with pets on a plane

Ways to fly cheaper and hassle-free with pets

NEW YORK — We dress them up. We feed them gourmet foods. We treat them like members of the family. So when we have to fly — whether it be on a beach vacation or to grandma’s house, our pets are often a first-class priority.

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Leona Helmsley estate distributes $136M to mainly medical charities; $1M to dogs

Helmsley estate: $136M to charity, $1M to dogs

NEW YORK — Real estate baroness Leona Helmsley’s estate gave away $136 million Tuesday to hospitals, foundations and the homeless and left $1 million to animal charities, prompting one advocate to accuse the estate of failing to honor the hotel tycoon’s wishes.

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Airline for pampered pooches to be launched!

LONDON - Florida-based PetAirways is launching an airline for pampered pets.

The pets will travel in the main cabin instead of the cargo and special attendants will look after their necessities such as food and water.

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Be careful about rear-leg lameness of your old cat: it might be “Saddle Thrombus”

Rear-leg lameness, pain and cold rear legs are common signs for Systemic Arterial Thromboembolism (STE) or Saddle Thrombus. It is one of several complications that occur in cats mainly with heart damage.

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Rare ‘Green Unicorn’ make it’s arrival at London zoo

A rare species of snake, which comes from the mountains of Vietnam, is often nicknamed the “green unicorn” because of its horn-like nose, has been born for the first time in captivity in London Zoo.

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Important Feeding tips while travelling with your pet

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Just Fly With Your Pets

Don’t want to leave your pet alone at home when you’re about to Flyl? Then just take them with you.

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Pets can Travel With You

Nowadays you don’t have to keep your pet out of your vacation plans. From bed and breakfasts to amusement parks, vacation spots all over the country are getting pet savvy. Not only are places offering pet sitting services, they are organizing special events and Fido-friendly playtimes.
The Web is a great source for scouting out some of these locations.
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Protecting Your Dog From The Flu

Flu season is right around the corner but people aren’t the only ones at risk this year.

A highly contagious and deadly K-9 version of flu is spreading across the nation.

Researchers believe it originated in horses, then passed to racing greyhounds and now house pets.

The symptoms are similar to those of humans.

There is no vaccine to stop it. But what can you do to keep your pet safe? Full article »

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