Snake pays ultimate price for blacking out Missouri Capitol, stranding people in elevators

Snake blacks out Missouri Capitol, pays price

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Missouri legislators spent about an hour in the dark Tuesday because of a power outage at the state Capitol — and a snake took all the blame and paid the price.

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Dear pet owners: Don’t turn them loose or kick them out

Pet owners we understand that sometimes situations turned out to be very critical, but we should not abandoned or neglet our pets.
Let us find out some ways to demolish the trend of pets being shooed out the front door or abandoned in forest.

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Scientists Discovered a Gene Mutation Which May Cause a Rare Eye Disease in Dogs

According to a study in the Aug. 8 online issue of Genome Research. a specific variation on chromosome 5 was associated with cone-rod dystrophy (CRD) in wire-haired dachshunds,

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Pet medication and training at pet fair

If you want to get to the point about pet acupuncture; learn about training Spike to sit, stay and roll over; or simply discover more about pets from anoles to zebra fish, head to The Times Pet Fair: Fur, Fins and Feathers.

PetsMart and the Beaver Animal Clinic are co-sponsors of the event and will present several programs.

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