Octomom may add a pig to her brood of 14 kids

NEW YORK - Nadya Suleman, who became a history-making mum after giving birth to octuplets three months ago, is considering adding a pet to her house with 14 kids.

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Leona Helmsley estate distributes $136M to mainly medical charities; $1M to dogs

Helmsley estate: $136M to charity, $1M to dogs

NEW YORK — Real estate baroness Leona Helmsley’s estate gave away $136 million Tuesday to hospitals, foundations and the homeless and left $1 million to animal charities, prompting one advocate to accuse the estate of failing to honor the hotel tycoon’s wishes.

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Making the White House puppy-proof is no easy task, say animal experts

NEW YORK - Getting a pet dog was an easy task for the Obamas, but animal experts have said that puppy-proofing the White House for Bo will be an even bigger task.

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Pets help vets find potential cures for human cancers

NEW YORK - Vets treating cancer-ridden pets with cutting-edge drugs are also gaining vital insights into the progression and therapy for cancers in humans.

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Bo will soon get an attitude, says expert

NEW YORK - His raison d’être is to be a playful pet of the First Family. But does Bo, who has significantly fewer performance expectations than his master Barack Obama, has any clue about the fame that surrounds him? Well, an expert says he soon will.

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Bo with ’star quality’ makes debut in White House

NEW YORK - Bo has finally made his debut. The new First Pet came out on the lawn with the Obamas to vow a pack of media.

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