Veterinarians treat arthritic pets with stem cells from fat, though no hard evidence it works

Veterinarians using stem cells to treat animals

MIAMI —Five-year-old Lucy the Labradoodle’s back limbs have been rendered unusable by rheumatoid arthritis, and she must scoot along the ground with her front paws to grab a bone. Her owners believe that a costly stem-cell treatment is the reason she’s even lived as long as she has.

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US senator asks Interior secretary to approve hunts to kill pythons in Fla. Everglades

Hunts sought to kill pythons in Fla. Everglades

MIAMI — U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson called Tuesday for organized hunts of thousands of pythons believed to be living in the Everglades to kill the snakes and prevent potential attacks.

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South Florida neighbors relieved by arrest of neighborhood teenager accused of mutilating cats

Florida teen charged in string of cat killings

MIAMI — The answer to mysterious cat killings that horrified pet owners and disturbed residents of two South Florida communities for months was not far away from where the animals’ mutilated bodies were discovered, authorities say.

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After string of mysterious cat deaths, South Florida neighborhoods’ pet owners fear more

20 cat deaths leave Fla. communities worried

MIAMI — The black cat’s body was found in the grass, just feet from the hedges where she slept each day.

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