Some owners willing to give up chimpanzees, but sanctuaries are full and need more funding

Owners struggle to find sanctuaries for chimps

Russ Cochran fondly recalls the fun he had with his chimpanzee when the animal was younger, taking him for rides in the car and to his cabin on the river. Boaters would stop to see Sammy, who would jump in canoes and help himself to food and drinks from the cooler.

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Pet parrot’s birthday celebrated in Uttar Pradesh

VARANASI - A musical band, hordes of sweets and a cake, made a perfect birthday bash thrown up by painter Baijnath Sharma, for his pet parrot.

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Animal on board: Ways to fly cheaper and hassle-free with pets on a plane

Ways to fly cheaper and hassle-free with pets

NEW YORK — We dress them up. We feed them gourmet foods. We treat them like members of the family. So when we have to fly — whether it be on a beach vacation or to grandma’s house, our pets are often a first-class priority.

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Chennai Super Kings beat Nashua Dolphins

DURBAN - Parthiv Patel and Suresh Raina struck half-centuries as Chennai Super Kings (CSK) warmed up for the Indian Premier League with a 41-run victory over South African Twenty20 side Nashua Dolphins.

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Meet the dog that ate clothes enough to fill a washing line

LONDON - Vets who operated on a dog, named Bailey, were in for a surprise, for what they thought was a tumour turned out to be clothes in the pet’s stomach.

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America’s pets becoming victims of economic crisis

WASHINGTON - The US economic crisis is affecting not only Americans but is having an increasingly bitter effect on their pets as well.

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Maluccan Cockatoo that amused Churchill still attracting crowd

moluccan-cockatooParrot that rode high-wire bicycle to amuse Churchill in 1946 still drawing crowds

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Stem cell therapy is a blessing for arthritic pets: vets anticipate

arthritic?The  applications of stem cell technology promises miraculous treatment procedures in the future world. Full article »

Return our dolphins, Russian owners tell Egypt aquarium

MOSCOW - Russian owners of three dolphins have appealed to the Egyptian Justice Ministry seeking the return of the marine mammals, which they say are being kept in Egypt illegally, a Russian daily said Monday.

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Tail-ing lizards can be frustrating experience for predators

WASHINGTON - Ever tried cornering a lizard, you’ll know they can easily give you the slip by detaching their tails and scampering to safety.

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