THE CREATURE FEATURE: At overloaded shelters, summer is ‘cat season’; some turn to giveaways

Summer is cat season at shelters, now overflowing

Patrick Boehringer of Canton, Mich., couldn’t be a more satisfied customer. He calls Apricot, his Certified Pre-Owned Cat, “the best animal I ever had.”

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Veterinarians treat arthritic pets with stem cells from fat, though no hard evidence it works

Veterinarians using stem cells to treat animals

MIAMI —Five-year-old Lucy the Labradoodle’s back limbs have been rendered unusable by rheumatoid arthritis, and she must scoot along the ground with her front paws to grab a bone. Her owners believe that a costly stem-cell treatment is the reason she’s even lived as long as she has.

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Playing ‘heads or tails’ helps sea snakes deceive their predators

WASHINGTON - A new research has claimed that in a deadly game of heads or tails, venomous sea snakes in the Pacific and Indian Oceans deceive their predators into believing they have two heads, when in fact, their second head is actually their tail.

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Scientists discover new frog species that changes colors with gender and age

WASHINGTON - Scientists have discovered a new frog species in the Talamanca mountains of southern Costa Rica, which changes colors depending on its gender and age.

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Like father, like son: Peter Leonard joins father Elmore Leonard in the family business

Peter Leonard joins father in the family business

JACKSON, Miss. — Fresh out of college with an English degree in hand, Peter Leonard wrote a six-page short story he liked very much and asked a famous author for a few notes.

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Water snakes startle fish to make them flee into their jaws

WASHINGTON - A tentacled snake from South East Asia has developed a unique line of attack to catch its prey-it startles a fish in a way that the prey turns toward the snake’s head to flee instead of turning away.

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WWF study says pollution threatens survival of rare Irrawaddy dolphins in Cambodia, Laos

Study: Pollution killing rare Irrawaddy dolphins

BANGKOK — Pollution in the Mekong River is putting the rare Irrawaddy dolphin in danger of disappearing from Cambodia and Laos, according to a study by an environmental group released Thursday.

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Egg size determines baby lizards’ sex

WASHINGTON - Whether baby lizards will turn out to be male or female depends on the size of the eggs - at least for one lizard species, says a new study.

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Mosquitoes sucking the life out of Galapagos wildlife

WASHINGTON - A team of scientists has discovered that some of the mosquitoes on the Galapagos island have developed a taste for reptile blood, thus threatening precious wildlife in the region.

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Southwest Airlines to charge passengers who bring pets onboard and unaccompanied minors

Southwest Air to let pets onboard _ for a fee

DALLAS — Southwest Airlines Co., which has bashed competitors for charging fees, said Friday it will add new fees for passengers who bring small pets onboard and for unaccompanied minors.

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