Scientists discover first protein-based amphibian toxin in Chinese tree frog

WASHINGTON - Scientists in China have discovered the first protein-based toxin in an amphibian -a 60 amino acid neurotoxin found in the skin of a Chinese tree frog, which may help shed more light into both the evolution of amphibians and the evolution of poison.

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Police: Virginia girl, 6, tied up, scared with toy snakes for taking food; 3 relatives charged

Police: Girl, 6, tied up, punished for taking food

ROANOKE, Va. — Relatives of a 6-year-old girl in southwestern Virginia are accused of punishing her for taking food from the kitchen by repeatedly tying her up in a bedroom, surrounded by rubber snakes and spiders to scare her, police said Tuesday.

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Participants from different parts of the world for snake boat race in Kerala

ALLEPPEY - A group of foreign nationals, participating in the 57th edition of ‘Nehru Trophy Boat Race’, took time off from their busy training schedule to hone their skills at singing ‘Vanchipattu’ or, the boat songs with local villagers here.

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Chinese girl has 1-m boa for a pet!

NEW DELHI - A girl in China has a snake for a pet and takes it for a crawl every morning in her community.

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Playing ‘heads or tails’ helps sea snakes deceive their predators

WASHINGTON - A new research has claimed that in a deadly game of heads or tails, venomous sea snakes in the Pacific and Indian Oceans deceive their predators into believing they have two heads, when in fact, their second head is actually their tail.

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Oregon mechanic uses makeshift ‘chopsticks’ to pull diamondback rattlesnake from car engine

Man pulls snake from car engine with ‘chopsticks’

KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. — There were a couple of things wrong with Katie Prewitt’s Geo Tracker. There was the rope that seemed to hang from the car’s undercarriage. And then that hissing noise; maybe a faulty emissions valve. She took the car into her husband’s Klamath Falls body shop, but Dave Prewitt wasn’t quite sure what to make of the problem, either. He called his friend Martin Schenck, who works across the street at Downtown Automotive, looking for a little help.

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Biologist says he has found rare giant garter snakes in California wetlands

Biologist finds rare garter snakes in California

STOCKTON, Calif. — A Northern California biologist says he has found a population of giant garter snakes, a federally threatened species that many thought had vanished.

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Here’s presenting evolution’s “winners” and “losers”!

WASHINGTON - A new research by scientists has named mammals and many species of birds and fish as evolution’s “winners”, while crocodiles, alligators and a reptile cousin of snakes known as the tuatara are among the “losers”.

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Thousands observe ‘Nag Panchami’ festival in Uttar Pradesh

AYODHYA/ ALLAHABAD - Thousands of Hindu devotees observed the festival of Nag Panchami in different parts of Uttar Pradesh on Sunday. The festival involves the worship of snakes.

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Stray snake disrupts Orissa Assembly proceedings

BHUBANESHWAR - A stray snake brought the State Assembly to a standstill for several hours in Orissa on Thursday.

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