Can Bird Flu Spread Through Pet Foods

Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association, the principal trade body for the UK pet food industry, has issued a statement on April 10, 2006 reassuring pet owners that their animals are not at risk from bird flu being carried in processed pet foods.

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Can My Dog Get Flu?

In today’s society with flu pandemics and such grabbing so much of the spotlight, it is easy for us to overlook the fact that our dogs can also contract a version of flu.
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Dog Flu: Widespread But Treatable

A new canine influenza has sickened dogs at greyhound racing tracks, boarding kennels, and animal shelters in as many as 11 states, killing some animals, causing respiratory infections in others, and striking fear in the hearts of pet owners nationwide.
From January to May 2005, reports of outbreaks of a new, respiratory disease primarily in racing dogs came into the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention from Florida, Texas, Arkansas, Arizona, West Virginia, Kansas, Iowa, Colorado, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts.
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Protecting Your Dog From The Flu

Flu season is right around the corner but people aren’t the only ones at risk this year.

A highly contagious and deadly K-9 version of flu is spreading across the nation.

Researchers believe it originated in horses, then passed to racing greyhounds and now house pets.

The symptoms are similar to those of humans.

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Dog Flu Arrives In Oregon

State health officials say dog flu has arrived in Oregon, posing a serious threat to pets at shelters and kennels.

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Deadly Canine Virus (Dog Flu) Worries Dog Owners

According to the experts”This is a newly emerging pathogen, and there is very little information to make predictions about it. And it appears that the fatality rate is between 1 and 10 percent.

The deadly canine flu that has been making domestic dogs and racing greyhounds ill in the US jumped from horses in a “very rare event”, say scientists.
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Race flu may kill your pet

The devastating and shadowy malady that is claiming the lives of greyhounds at Revere’s Wonderland racetrack may have even deadlier.

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