Beware of flea medications it could be dangerous for your pet

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fleaAvoid over the counter flea medications for your pet cat, dogs and other, besides saving money it may just kill you pets.

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laws to protect dogs from exploitation and suffering: Beware puppy mill owners

save-me-plsAnti-cruelty bill is all set to thwart the puppy mill industry. The Indiana House of Representatives has recently passed House Bill 1468, an anti-cruelty bill. State Reps. Linda Lawson, D-Hammond, and Jackie Walorski, R-Lakeville, introduced the new legislation with Reps. Trent Van Haaften, D-Mount Vernon, and Gerald Torr, R-Carmel, as co-sponsors.

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Top 10 precautions for your pet on Holi, the festival of colour

colourful-dogBeware, festivals are not always compatible to pets, the way we like to enjoy life is sometimes quite harmful for our pet dog, cat, birds and others. Particularly for holi, as water and colours are involved, and along with people like to be a bit indiscipline, certain things we should always keep in our mind to safe guard our Innocent pets.

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Vet-Stem is all set to conduct human clinical trials

mans-best-friendPresently Vet-Stem, California is famous for providing regenerative solutions in the field of veterinary science.

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Stem cell therapy is a blessing for arthritic pets: vets anticipate

arthritic?The  applications of stem cell technology promises miraculous treatment procedures in the future world. Full article »

Former White House cat, Socks, put to sleep

WASHINGTON - Socks, the famous first pet of the Clinton White House, has been put to sleep after several months of cancer treatment.

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Top 14 reasons why Pet Dental Care is a serious matter

pet dental health awareness is a serious matter. But unfortunately most of the pet owners are very much reluctant about the subject. There are several pet owners who never ever thought about brushing their dog or cats teeth.

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Cruelty to animal a falony in Arkansas: bill signed into law

Enough for the old hunting heritage, now it is well known that hunting animals is a sublime cruelty, which they does not deserve at all. It’s like killing for the sake of mere enjoyment, killing innocent unguarded living things for enjoyment is somewhat mental not healthy thinking, if it  is a healthy thinking then why punishing serial killers?

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Pet house with a stylish furniture look

Do you have to fight with your pet while sharing bed or sharing your favorite sofa ? don’t worry,  DenHaus who designs pet furnitures with a striking starburst design, fondly know as Dens, is all set to help eliminate the conflicts pet owners experience in sharing space with their pet.

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PetSmart voluntarily recalls dog biscuits “Grreat Choice” as a precautionary measure

PetSmart Inc. one of the largest specialty retailer for pet needs, voluntarily recalling seven of its Grreat Choice® Dog Biscuit products that contain peanut paste made by Peanut Corporation of America (PCA).

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