Pet hates firework, save your pet on 4th July

dogs-and-fireworksBeware not to neglect your dearly pet on 4th July, keep your pets out of fire works, they certainly won’t like noisy firework displays- and just be sure about it. If you are a new pet owner please don’t try any experiment with pet and fire works.

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Watch owners and pets bond on 10th annual ‘Take Your Dog to Work Day’

owner-pet-bondPet owners are getting ready for the 10th annual ‘Take Your Dog to Work Day’ on June 26, the one day when they are allowed to take their dogs to work with them.

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‘Dominance reduction’ training approaches may worsen dogs’ behaviours

domination is a wrong approach?A Bristol University expert has debunked the age-old belief that aggressive dogs have the desire to assert their “dominance” over people and other dogs. Full article »

Dolphins vigilant round-the-clock, even while asleep

WASHINGTON - Dolphins have a clever way of remaining vigilant round-the-clock, by sending half their brain to sleep, while keeping the other half awake.

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Top 10 key facts about Swine Flu we must know

swine-fluSwine Influenza (swine flu) is a respiratory disease of pigs caused by type A influenza virus that regularly and through out the year causes causes illness in pigs, but  usually with a low death rates.

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75-million-year-old turtle goes through CT scan for eggs

WASHINGTON - A 75-million-year-old turtle went under the CT scan at Bozeman Deaconess Hospital recently for the presence of eggs, embryos etc.

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Pets help vets find potential cures for human cancers

NEW YORK - Vets treating cancer-ridden pets with cutting-edge drugs are also gaining vital insights into the progression and therapy for cancers in humans.

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Thousands of rare dolphins sighted in Bay of Bengal

WASHINGTON - Thousands of rare dolphins have been sighted in the fresh waters off the Sundarbans and the Bay of Bengal, according to Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS).

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Disconnect with real nature will hit humans hard: study

WASHINGTON - The disconnect with nature as people go on virtual tours of the Grand Canyon and other wonders, play with robotic dogs and even larger-than-life dinosaurs but don’t observe animals in their natural habitat or a play with a live pet, may give rise to psychological problems, researchers say.

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What makes chimps four times stronger than humans?

WASHINGTON - Recently a pet chimp inflicted devastating injuries on a Connecticut woman - a stark reminder that chimps are much stronger than humans, as much as four-times stronger, some researchers believe.

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