Woman leaves 100,000 pounds for pet dog

LONDON - A never married woman has left a whopping 100,000 pounds in her will for her dog’s care.

Former Mayoress Win Frankland, a retired headmistress and local Conservative councilor in Hyndburn, Lancs, left the money in trust to look after her faithful fox terrier Nell.

The dog’s owner died suddenly from a suspected heart attack just before Christmas last year, at her home in Great Harwood, Lancs.

The dog, aged 4, will now be cared for by a friend of Miss Frankland’s, using the interest on the legacy to keep it in the lap of luxury for the rest of its life.

Fortunately for Nell, she made her will out in 2005 to make sure that her beloved dog was provided for.

Win left 20,000 pounds to her former Mayor’s attendant and chauffeur Jayne Carmody to care for any pets that might be alive upon her death.

She also left 80,000 pounds for the creation of a trust fund - income from which was to be used for the maintenance of any of her surviving pets.

A second terrier had to be put down last year due to ill health.

Even her cousin Geoffrey Hanson was surprised to see the details of her will.

“It was a bit of a surprise really but she always kept dogs and never married or had children,” the Daily express quoted Geoffrey as saying.

“I suppose it is better than a dogs’ home for Nell. She also left money to her godchildren and the church,” Geoffrey added. (ANI)


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