Welcome home dear Ratchet

Love wins again, this time it even melt down the US military norms, and managed to sent Ratchet a 6-month old Iraqi puppy to his new US home.

Ratchet’s human mom, Army Spc. Gwen Beberg, is now highly relieved, she had been trying to get Ratchet home for weeks, She rescued the dog from a burning pile of trash in May.

The military disallowed troops from caring for pets on duty or from taking them home. Beberg was really devastated at the thought of leaving the puppy in a country where few dogs are kept as pets and wild dogs are often treated like vermin.

She posted the story on Facebook. Katie Konrath, a college friend from White Bear Lake who had been following Beberg’s postings about the puppy, blogged about Ratchet’s situation, posted it on the website Digg, and asked friends to read it, drawing attention as more people read the story. From there Ratchet’s story went viral.

An Internet petition demanding clemency for the dog was signed by almost 69,000 people around the world. Minnesota’s members of Congress pressed for the dog’s release.

Beberg is highly excited as Ratchet will be waiting for her when she gets home. She’s due to leave Iraq next month.

Source: Associated Press [ap.google.com/article/ALeqM5henDiaoHOYyVgjAJtSBg6-zzEjJAD93VSEGO5]


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    [...] Rachet finally arrived to America in October, after Beberg’s great efforts, coupled with almost 70,000 people signing online petitions , prompted military officials to loosen the prohibition on U.S. troops adopting pets in Iraq. [...]

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