Vaccine for deadly bird flu developed: claimed researchers from Japan

Researchers from National Institute of Infectious Diseases, Japan, claimed on Thursday that they have developed a flu vaccine that can prevent a deadly pandemic of deadly bird flu mutation, and could also capable to fight against multiple viruses.

According to researcher Tetsuya Uchida, the newly developed vaccine is based on common types of protein inside the bodies of flu viruses is highly effective as they rarely change. The viruses used are the Soviet-A and Hongkong-A along with the deadly H5N1 strain of bird flu.

Where as previous vaccines used a protein which covers the surface of the viruses but the protein frequently mutates to make the vaccines ineffective.

The vaccine has been tested on mice implanted with human genes. Researchers confirmed that the vaccine works even if flu viruses mutate.

Researchers are looking forward to test the vaccine on mice and other larger animals before testing it on humans.

The study is being jointly conducted by researchers from the national institute, Hokkaido University, Saitama Medical University and NOF Corp., a chemicals company based in Tokyo.



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