Top 10 precautions for your pet on Holi, the festival of colour

colourful-dogBeware, festivals are not always compatible to pets, the way we like to enjoy life is sometimes quite harmful for our pet dog, cat, birds and others. Particularly for holi, as water and colours are involved, and along with people like to be a bit indiscipline, certain things we should always keep in our mind to safe guard our Innocent pets.

Lets discuss with some important basic points which we should keep in our mind to avoid life time injuries to our beloved pets

1. Avoid sweet and chocolates: It is impossible to think of celebrating ‘holi’ without sweets, but be causes, sweets and chocolates are unhealthy for pets, specially chocolates are toxic for them, never ever let them have those. (learn more about toxic foods for pets).

2. Avoid alcohol or any intoxication: they are highly toxic for pets and directly effects on heart and nerves.

3. Avoid chemical colours: Chemical colours, created from lead oxide(black colour), aluminium bromide(silver colour), mercury sulphate (Red colour), coper sulphate (green colour) etc. can cause renal failure, all can cause eye allergies, puffiness and temporary blindness and dermatitis, some of the colours are even carcinogenic in nature.

5. Avoid Abir or Gulal: Though known as inseparable with holi, but presently this dry colours are also containing heavy metals and may cause dermatitis and partial blindness.

4. Use herbal die/ colours: If you still wanted to play holi with your pet then use herbal die, made from natural herbal ingredients.

5. Introduce full meal before holi: Having a full meal your pet will hopefully avoid licking harmful colours.

6. Be careful about the sun heat: Beware about the sun heat, winter is gone sun heat is increasing day by day, as dogs are not habituated roaming out side in the hottest hours of the day, it may cause a heat stroke, which may even kill your pet.

7. Be careful about bathing: Presently weather is changing, so excess long time bathing to wash off all the dreaded colours is not recommended, it may cause cold and cough with fever.

8. If your pet accidentally licks chemical colours (wich is obvious), then wash the tongue repeatedly with plenty of water. If convuslions and sever salivations occurs then rush to a nearby vet for emergency treatment.

9. eye and ear: Careful about eye and ear, if colours get inside the eye, immediately wash it off with plenty of water, and consult your vet. If colour and water enter inside the ear, immediately consult with your vet for treatment.

10. AVOID HOLI: Finally, it is the best way to save your pets by keeping them inside. Particularly for this day start morning walk with your pet as early as possible. Give them a hard exercise, let them have a full belly meal and complete rest through out the day.

Wish you a happy and safe holi to you and your dearest pet.


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