To Kill Pet Pudgie He Used Microwave

A New Zealand teen used a microwave to kill a pet budgie he stole from a school classroom.

Ashley James Daldy, 18, pleaded guilty to eight charges of burglary and one of cruel treatment of an animal in the North Island city of Hamilton, the Waikato Times newspaper reported.
Prosecutors told Hamilton District Court that Daldy had broken into the school where he was once a pupil on three occasions, stealing the bird, computer equipment and a video.

He later put the budgie in a microwave oven.

Judge Anne McAloon said on Monday killing the bird was a “particularly nasty offence” but the eight burglaries were more serious.

When a teenager is doing such nasty and serious things (as told by the judge) his parents must be very busy with their works to monitor the boy and to show him the right path, in this situation I wonder whether the judge could give a second thought and also put his so-called parents with him in the jail.


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