The trio of musts that Obamas’ pooch, Bo, needs to learn

CHICAGO - Experts have come up with the trio of musts that all pooch owners, including the Obamas, need to practice with their pets, namely exercise, affection and obedience.

According to Karen Okura, manager of animal behaviour and training for the Anti-Cruelty Society, US President Barack Obama and his family need to follow a common set of rules to train the six-month old First Dog, Bo.

“The first thing to do when you have a new dog is to establish boundaries and rules on the very first moment the pet enters the home,” The Chicago Sun-Times quoted Karen as saying.

“The whole family needs to speak the same language to the dog and agree on the same set of rules”, Karen added.

Karen continued: “For the Obama family, it appears that a lot of people need to get involved. If you add the servants and Secret Service, I’d estimate about 50 people have to learn the verbal commands.”

Some more tips for new dog owners, like the First Family, from the Anti-Cruelty Society and the Web site include:

1. Making sure the right size of dog toys are given to the pets to avoid choking hazards, and the playthings need to be trashed when on becoming worn or frayed or if they begin to develop holes or sharp edges.

2. Do not let your pooch to bark for longer period of time to prevent it from becoming a habit.

3. A good behaviour needs to be rewarded which would add to its repetition.

4. Aggression towards the dog may lead to reverse-aggression situation from the pet, who would want to defend itself.

5. Let your mutt know who is the boss by showing leadership. (ANI)


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