The pampered pig who lives life king-size!

NEW DELHI - A pet pig in China is enjoying a life of luxury, courtesy its affectionate owner.

Laifu, the male pig, has two nannies who massage him regularly, and has a room of his own.

His owner Li Yuan spends 800 dollars a month to rent several basement rooms so that Laifu can walk freely, reports China Daily.

The swine gets meals of milk pills, potato chips, carrots, bamboo shoots, hawthorn, corn, rice and various fruits. He also takes vitamins every day.

The 2-year-old pig also has an exercise regimen. Every day at 5 am he wakes up and waits for Li at the elevator.

Li and Laifu return around 8 am. Laifu has breakfast, sleeps awhile, then gets up to bask in the sunshine and later has lunch.

Li said that he also likes listening to music, particularly the songs of Taiwanese pop star Jay Chou (a favorite being Qinghuaci, or Blue and White Porcelain).

Laifu’s nanny Wang Ayi described his music appreciation.

“Every time I put the recorder under his head as he lies down, he keeps silent and indulges himself in the music by swaying his tail,” she said. (ANI)


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