Summer Time Creates the Need for Special Pet Care

Here are some tips from the Brown County Humane Society for making sure your pet stays safe this summer:

Never leave your pet in a parked car:
Your pet can easily overheat in a parked car, even when the windows are partially open, and even if you are gone for only a short period of time. Resist the temptation to take your eager friend with you if there is any chance you will have to leave him in the car.

Always have cool water available:
Make sure her water bowl can’t tip over and refill it frequently. Make sure she can always reach her water bowl.

Never allow your pet unsupervised access to a swimming poo:
Just like children, even dogs who love the water can drown or get trapped in a pool, unable to save themselves. Consider a cover for your pool or fencing around the pool. Remember, chlorine can be an irritant for your pet.

Avoid hot pavement:
Remember that pavement gets very hot and can burn their paws. Make sure your pet has the ability to get off any hot asphalt or concrete surfaces into cooler grassy areas.

Provide shelter:
Pets need shelter from the sun, just like we do. Pets can get sunburned and they need not only a shady spot, but also shelter, such as a doghouse, to protect them from the hot sun.

Avoid dangerous pesticides:
Make sure your pet is not exposed to any harmful pesticides or weed killers.

Do not let your pet exercise in the heat of the day:
Instead, exercise in the relatively cooler times of early morning or late evening.


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