Stem cell therapy helped a Bernese Mountain dog to avoid elbow replacement surgery or amputation

Cooper a Bernese Mountain dog was suffering from arthritic elbow. His owner,Crystal Myers had two options, either elbow replacement surgery or amputation for her 2-year-old pet. She decided she wouldn’t settle without finding a third opinion.

After a long search she discovered, Santa Cruz Westside Animal Hospitala veterinary clinic was having the facility of  stem cell treatment.

Crtystal promptly let Cooper underwent the regenerative surgery in early August and within within few days he was able to put most of his weight back on his arthritic elbow.

According to David Shuman, president of Westside Animal Hospital, this is the coolest thing he’ve ever seen in veterinary medicine, all of the dogs including Cooper that have been treated by them are doing unbelievably well.

From August of last year, the stem cell technology was introduced as unique for small animals.

Stem cell treatment requires the veterinarian to collect a small fat sample from the patient.

To remove the fat sample, the pet is anesthetized and a small incision is made in the abdomen. The large fatty ligament just below the muscle surface is isolated and a piece of fat removed.

The sample is placed in a special container that is then placed in an insulated shipping box. The box is sent to a lab where the fat is spun down, the stem cells collected and shipped back. The following morning, the pet is sedated and the skin over the affected joints numbed. The cells are injected into the affected joints or connective tissues.

As dogs are donating tissue from their own fat and the stem cells are isolated, not created, so there is no modification or differentiation to the actual cells.

There are estimated 150 to 200 veterinarians certified to do the stem cell treatment in the country; 40 of which are within 100 miles of Santa Cruz.

The procedure costs about $2,500-$3,000. All the dogs have improved their condition after going through the treatment.

For further information’s contact:

Santa Cruz Westside Animal Hospital
411 Laurel Street
Santa Cruz, California  95060
Phone: 831-427-2239
Fax: 831-471-0721

Source : Stem Cell Research Blog


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