Son saves dad bitten by snake - over the phone!

NEW DELHI - A Chinese man’s decision to ring his son instead of going to the doctor after snakebite turned out to be a life saver.

Jiang Renhui from Tushi village in Chongqing, who was bitten by a snake on his foot, feared that he would be dead by the time he could visit a doctor.

So the man called up his son Jiang Liwen, who lived 20 kilometres away from him, for help.

Fortunately, his son guided him through the procedure of stopping the venom from spreading in his body, the China Daily reports.

Jiang said: “It would have taken me 30 minutes to reach my father. So I instructed him on what to do in order to stop the venom from spreading.”

The man is presently stable but under treatment in a hospital. (ANI)


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