Some Advice Regarding Pet ID Chips

If your pet had an ID chip implanted, check the agency that issued it and supposedly has the vital information. Sometimes it doesn’t get registered for reasons unclear to us.

John & Sue VanLandingham attempted to contact the agency with their dog’s vital info linked to the chip so they could update it with new address. Turns out he never was registered. The number read as having been issued, but to whom and where was unknown because it never was registered.

John & Sue had chipped their dog last June at a pet store when a radio station was sponsoring it in exchange for donations to ARF. They never bothered checking because they thought the paperwork they completed would be entered. Last week they learned differently. It cost us $18 to have him registered, a pittance when you consider the value they place on him.

Subsequently they saw a “found dog” poster. The dog had an ID chip. Alas, the chip was not linked to anyone and the search continues with a distraught owner looking for a dog and a frustrated finder looking for the owner.

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Take a few minutes, call to confirm the chip information was entered and is on file with the agency. Your pet will appreciate it.


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