Snakes believed to be reincarnation of humans

GAYA - A woman conducted religious rites for the salvation of her sons’ souls in the presence of two snakes at Gaya in Bihar.

This was after she dreamt that her departed sons were reborn in her neighbours’ house as snakes!

Devaki and her neighbour Suresh Singh offered ‘Pindadaan’ for a male and female snake on the banks of River Falgu in Gaya.

“These snakes used to live in somebody else’s house. I brought them here and freed them after performing the rituals,” said Devaki.

Devaki said that a few months ago, a pair of snakes entered the house of Suresh Singh and refused to leave, which prompted them to finally offer ‘Pindadaan’.

The priest who conducted the rituals said that hundreds of people gathered to witness the event after news spread that ‘Pindadaan’ was being performed for the pair of snakes.

After offering the ‘Pindadaan’, Devaki and Suresh Singh freed the two snakes at a nearby place named Sita Kund.

According to Hindu belief, after death, the soul wanders until ‘Pindadaan’ ritual is performed and offered. By Surya Pratap(ANI)


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