Should Pet Birds Imported To UK From EU Need to be Quarantined?

Surprisingly groups in the UK are protesting at authorities for allowing the imports of pet birds from the European Union without them having to be quarantined.

Though Bird flu (avian flu) is rapidly spreading through the European Union, but has not reached the UK., but the way it is spreading throughout the world, it would be a very much childish thinking to sit and wait till it catches U.K.

However, groups such as Birds First, say the UK is vulnerable to bird flu infection by allowing pet birds into the country from the EU without having to quarantine them. They are often imported and then sold at pet fairs. ‘Birds First’ campaigns to end the pet bird trade.

According to the UK government, birds cannot be imported from a facility which had had bird flu infection within the previous 30 days.

Different groups, representing different interests, say different things. A spokesman for the ‘Parrot Society’ said that the pet bird trade is not the threat - it is the movement of migratory birds. If birds are kept in cages, how can they be infected, the society says.

However, common people in Britain are becoming increasingly concerned, as more birds come down with the H5N1 virus.

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