Sharing Your Bathtub With A Five-Foot Pet Alligator

Just imagine a five-foot alligator is sharing your bathtub, and it’s a real life story not a day-dream.

While making a routine house call last week Farmington Police were surprised to find hundreds of dangerous animals living inside along with an alligator living in the bathroom, so they have to removed Roys’ 8-year old daughter and keep her in state care.

Crazy pet woners Harold and Dorina Roy, of Farmington, NH, had apparently been collecting wild and exotic animals - including snakes, iguanas, lizards, alligators and bearded dragons - for many years.

Pictures taken by Farmington police showed two large snakes sunbathing on the roof of a car, iguanas draped over rocks and a large yellow snake coiled around candy on a tabletop.

Pythons are large, muscular, carnivorous snakes that kill their prey by constricting it until it suffocates. One python species, the reticulated python - Python reticulates - can grow up to 33 feet in length and weigh up to 250 lbs, according to the San Diego Zoo.

The Roys were removed from their residence and are living in a hotel until their home can be cleaned, said Roberge.

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