Rabbit’s ears, cat’s face, horse’s tail, dog’s body make the perfect Brit pet!

LONDON - Researchers in Britain claim that the country’s perfect pet is an animal which is a weird mix of a cat and a dog, with a bit of a rabbit added to it.

And the researchers call this animal “Max”.

Max has the ears of a rabbit, the face of a cat, the body of a golden retriever and the tail of a horse.

It is very energetic and loves to walk. The animal sleeps for about nine hours and 27 minute every day.

Pete Markey, who took part in the research for the insurance firm More Than, was quoted by the Telegraph as saying: ”This experiment has provided great insight into exactly what it is about their animals people love, both in terms of looks and personality, and it goes to show what a pet-obsessed nation we are.”

Scientists created the animal’s picture through a computer after a survey of 2,000 British pet lovers revealed that the nation’s perfect animal was apparently 49 per cent dog, 35 per cent cat, 9 per cent horse and 7 per cent rabbit. (ANI)


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