Purina, who is responsible if worms,maggots,cacoons and carcasses are found in your pet food?

Worms, maggots, cacoons and carcasses found in Purina Beneful puppy food. Two dogs are seriously sick after consuming it, they have been sick for 4 days now…they have chronic diarrhea. But surprisingly Purina refuses to accept any blame regarding this incident.

In addition Purina’s official responses are like adding salt to the open injury, they says that, once the foods leaves their building it is no longer their responsibility and if any vet bills come as a result of this issue they can not be held responsible.

Christina’s two dogs fell ill after eating Purina Beneful infested with maggots and fly larvae. She bought it at a Petsmart in Kitchener last Sunday, and opened it on Wednesday. After taking her dogs to the vet, Christina called Purina for an explanation, she then brought this up with Petsmart’s main office, who also claims that it is not their responsibility either.

Firstly, Purina should have shown, (or rather dramatise) little sympathy and concern, which even a child knows, that these effects a long long way to reassure the pet owners faith.

Secondly, to establish their virtual classic painting, which seems to be pushing our ideas, that the worms and maggots are entering the holy food only after leaving their holy building, they would have dramatise an investigational effort at the Petsmart store, to keep out worms and maggots from the food.

And thirdly, how come the owner did not inspect the food prior to feeding, at the first time–agreed they might have been in a hurry, but they did the same mistake with the second meal.

Pet owners, there was a time when we used to prepare our pet foods, and we have had healthy pets, lets give it a thought, because what ever is going on, our pets are suffering most, they are the actual bearer of the pain and the side effects, and this might be the only way to stop the so called pet lovers (pet food producers), whose only intention is to earn money, they not even have the guts to show little bit of sympathy to the sufferer and their family.

Source: The Consumerist [consumerist.com/5052707/purina-isnt-bothered-by-dog-food-infested-with-fly-larvae-maggots]


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