Prozac is on the way to handle aggressiveness of UK pets, are you ready pet owners?

Canine equivalent Prozac along with other prescription drugs which claims to alter animal behavior now all set to be licensed in the United Kingdom.

But the truth is canine prescription drugs are not typically and specifically designed for dogs. Mostly they are identically same as human drugs. But very cleverly flavored and labeled to attract the animal world.

The difference between Prozac with animal antidepressant Reconcile is,——— Reconcile tastes like meat and chewable.

Another animal flavoured antidepressant is Clomicalm, its identical flvoureless human equivalent is Anafranil.

There is a mixed reaction regarding this new wave of Lifestyle medicines in the pet world, some are thankful but others are very worried and cautious.

Though dogs can suffer from anxiety, depression and degeneration alike humans, but it is yet to know whether the drugs used in the treatment of these human conditions are also affective, and more safe, for dogs.

Studies show that more than half of the dogs in experimental drug programs experienced some side effects, like, depression to loss of appetite, lethargy, and also flue like symptoms.

About 5 months back, in the American Veterinary Medical Association’s (AVMA) annual convention in New Orleans, there was a heated debate about the doggie anti-depressants Clomicalm and Reconcile, and a product called Slentrol – the world’s first canine anti-obesity pill, in presence of ten thousand leading vets.

Famous dog friendly organisation RSPCA is very much critical about the drugs, they really doubt whether some miracle medicines could be able to replace traditional training techniques, on which pet owners used to rely upon.

Renowned dog trainer David Reinecker fears that psychiatric drugs are increasingly being used as a first resort, rather than a last. He believes that almost 95 per cent of the time we should cure a dog’s mental problems without drugs.

Other experts worry that the drugs, which are still relatively new, may end up causing physical or mental dependency among the animals that take them.

However, according to Donaldson, director for the San Francisco branch of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA),  It is not fare to let a dog to suffer due to poor ownership. if medicine can help a neglected animal deal with anxiety, there is no reason it should not be used.

According to Professor and Program Director for the Animal Behavior Department of Clinical Science at Tufts University, Dr. Nicholas Dodman, who is arguably the father of animal pharmacology and the leader in the field today, the limbic systems of all mammals are biologically similar, Therefore it is very possible for humans and dogs to have similar physiological responses to things like sadness and fear.

However the truth is, drugs which alter animals’ behaviour are already big business in the States and now they’re set to be licensed in the UK. Pharmaceutical firms anxious to cash-in on the nation’s booming love affair with man’s best friends.

Source: Belfast Telegraph and The Independentc


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