Protecting Your Dog From The Flu

Flu season is right around the corner but people aren’t the only ones at risk this year.

A highly contagious and deadly K-9 version of flu is spreading across the nation.

Researchers believe it originated in horses, then passed to racing greyhounds and now house pets.

The symptoms are similar to those of humans.

There is no vaccine to stop it. But what can you do to keep your pet safe?

“This disease is very rare; it’s not been reported in North Carolina yet or in the states around us. But as dogs travel, it will spread here,” says Veterinarian Dr. Linda Kuhn.
She also says that, the dog flu symptoms are similar to kennel cough and it’s very contagious, they can get a cough, they can get a snotty nose, run a fever, occasionally they do get pneumonia and that can be very serious. And while dogs can pass it to each other, they can’t give it to people or other animals.
So for now, Kuhn says the best thing to do is keep your dog’s shots up to date and have it vaccinated for kennel cough.



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