Pit bull with 69 wounds left without treatment, rescued for killing?

RSPCA officers seized the two year Pit bull at a house in Westfield Road in Dec, 2006. Owner Mohammed Fedar swaggered aged 20 used this illegal pit bull terrier for brutal dog fighting.

Officers found the starving dog tide up on a five ft chain in the back yard garden near Fedars home, suffering from at least 69 separate wounds, that confirmed “arranged illegal fighting”.

Officers reported that the dog was really on a  filthy and wretched condition, with fighting punctures on his mouth and ears and blood around neck, some punctures were inch long and infected, it appears that most of the wounds were two days to weeks old.

Magistrate ordered a 20 week sentence for Fedar for this dreadful sustained cruelty, along with a 10 years banned for keeping animals. In addition he also have to work for 250 hours unpaid, for causing so much suffering to the poor animal.

However, Fedars lawyer Mr. Matthew Hall, said, that his client just tried to rescue the poor dog from the park as he felt sorry for it.

Mean while, Fedar slipped out the sentence and avoid jail. The 20 week sentence is suspended for 12 months.

But the meanest part of the scenario is, the honorable judge has ordered to destroy the dog.

It is proved that the dog have suffered a lot, and now he will be killed, and they let the cruel person avoid jail and enjoy life for 12 months. What kind of settlement is this ?

Well, some body told me that now the pit bull is a dangerous animal and got to be destroyed, but he did not predict any thing about Fedar, who also with such cruel experience could be a dangerous serial killer in near future- who could say?

And what about the banned ? Don’t you agree with me that this man should be banned for a life time on keeping and even touching animals?

Source: expressandstar.com


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