Pet Tags Before Hurricane Rita

Pet health insurance and related products often provide free pet ID tags when you purchase a policy or join an organization.
Animal shelters and animal welfare organizations also provide free pet ID tags.

According to, an internet search in your area may find information about local organizations like the Animal Welfare League of Arlington, Virginia and Pet Connect in San Diego, California, which offer free pet tags at certain events. In Arkansas, NAFA provides a free pet ID tag on “Pet Adoption Day”. Gold Star Trophies of Baton Rouge, Louisiana offers free pet ID tags anytime at their store. The Pet Assistance Welfare Society in Tulsa, Oklahoma runs a “Tag Your Pet” program, distributing one free pet ID tag on “Tag Your Pet Day” every month.

For instance, rarely will free pet tags include high quality options such as engraving the vital information on stainless steel.

Please make it a point to tag your pets before hurricane Rita.


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