Pet robots are cute and capable of soothing people

Pet robots proves their importance while Japan is into the grip of economical crisis.

Japanese residents are increasingly turning to stress-relieving pet robots, which resemble real pet cats and dogs.

Here is a perfect pet for those who want a dog but don’t want to bother with training, or grooming, and yes- no vet bills, in addition they don’t shed, forget about potty training, they don’t even eat, never bites, but if you wish can have a walk with it in the park. It is a robot puppy made by Japanese toy manufacturers.

The Dream Pet range of robotic domestic animals are specially designed to make an exact copy of the appearance and behaviour of real pet cat and dogs.

These real life robotic pets are getting so much popularity that the manufacturers are experiencing a sharp increment in sales.

Sales of the Dream Pet range of robotic domestic animals, made by Sega Toys Co, rose by 30 per cent between October and December last year.

While another Japanese toy manufacturer Tomy Co experienced an 80 per cent increase in sales in the same period for its robot puppy, which is convincingly lifelike.

Pet robot seal, named Paro, originally designed for therapeutic use in hospitals and caring homes, is getting popularity as a domestic pet substitute in Japan. This wonderful pet is created by Japan’’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology.

However, may be, these toy manufacturers are helping the society a lot, in this way there will be a perfect polarization between real pet lovers and careless, uncaring so called pet lovers, who can simply abandoned their pets to save their time and extra dollars.


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