Pet pooches’ names increasingly getting ‘human-ised’

LONDON - More and more dogs are getting human names after being treasured as a valuable family member, reveals a poll.

According to the survey, headed by Greenbee Pet Insurance, the top 10 names for pooches were entirely of human names, with Molly, Poppy, Charlie as the top three choices.

“With the top 10 dog names all human names, it’s clear that more and more people are thinking of their dogs as another member of the family, rather than just a pet,” Sky News quoted James Furse, MD, as saying.

Psychologist Cary Cooper from Lancaster University said people “humanising” their dogs was not a startling trend.

Cooper explained: “We have the longest working hours in Europe and when we come home we just flop down, sit in front of the TV and interact with our pets.

“In turn, they give solace and unconditional and undemanding love. In this world of being on duty 24/7, that’s what we want from our pets. The animal becomes a human - somebody who loves us completely and requires nothing from us in return.”

Top 10 Dogs’ Names

1. Molly

2. Poppy

3. Charlie

4. Max

5. Alfie

6. Millie

7. Jack

8. Rosie

9. Daisy

10. Ruby (ANI)


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