Pet Owners Geared Up for Summer

Summertime health care is a very serious matter for all responsible dog and cat owners, because along with summer, come unwanted little irritants that if not protected against, can give your pet a summer to forget, not a summer to remember.

Fleas, ticks, worms, and other mosquito propelled bacteria, parasites and viruses are just waiting to find a home on, or inside your beloved pet dog. All of these summer critters can pose a grave risk to your pet if left untreated after infecting and waiting until its too late, can cost you a healthy sum of money, and cost your pet a considerable amount of anguish.

Good news for pet owners though as there are ways to protect your pet from all of summer’s little pains in the butt, ranging from flea treatments that are safe and non-toxic to your dog’s skin, heartworm medications to protect against the invation of heartworms, and even all in ones such as Sentinel that protect against a multitude of unwanted parasites.

By protecting your pets from summer irritants, you will be providing them with the base protection that they need to enjoy a healthy summer.



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