Pet medication and training at pet fair

If you want to get to the point about pet acupuncture; learn about training Spike to sit, stay and roll over; or simply discover more about pets from anoles to zebra fish, head to The Times Pet Fair: Fur, Fins and Feathers.

PetsMart and the Beaver Animal Clinic are co-sponsors of the event and will present several programs.

Dr. Doug Knueven and staff from the Beaver Animal Clinic in Vanport Township will be on hand throughout the day to answer questions and offer advice to fair goers. Knueven, a veterinarian since 1987 and author, will speak on the main stage about holistic pet care and give four 20-minute educational programs in the clinic area. Clinic subjects are “Pet Acupuncture: What’s the Point?”; “Animal Chiropractic: A Little Back Talk”; “Natural Nutrition for Pets: Food for Thought”; and “Pet Vaccines: A Shot in the Dark.”

“People need to get involved in their pets’ health and be educated to the latest findings,” said Knueven, who takes special interest in the humane society fund-raiser because he worked as a veterinarian for the organization for five years.

Also at the fair, several certified PetsMart trainers will be on hand at the Golden Dome to offer demonstrations on training pets, such as one on the “click-a-trick” method.

PetsMart staff will also demonstrate fish tank set-up and pet bathing, brushing and grooming techniques.

Founded in 1987 in Phoenix, Arizona, PetsMart operates about 800 pet stores in the United States and Canada.

The area PetsMart has a strong relationship with local animal organizations. The store does not sell dogs and cats but rather aids in adoptions through the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society, Beaver County Humane Society and Foster Cat organizations.

A variety of PetsMart animals and products will be featured at Pet Fair: Fur, Fins & Feathers.

Source: timesonline


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