Pet Lovers Beware of Sago Palm

Sold at garden centers all over Southern California, the sago palm has another purpose other than offering a beautiful landscape. It’s one of the most toxic plants around to animals. Without warning, it can offer deadly results.

Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists offers warnings about the poisonous sago palm on their website. “Dogs in particular are likely to chew on these palms or ingest the seeds/nuts and may become extremely ill as a result. While it is not well understood why these plants are so toxic, we do know that they primarily affect the liver and can lead to liver failure and death.”

Top 10 Poisonous Plants for Animals
1. Daffodils
2. Eggplant (Foliage)
3. Hydrangea (Flower Buds)
4. Jasmine
5. Lily of the Valley (All parts of the plant, as well as vase water)
6. Poison Ivy
7. Chrysanthemums
8. Tomato Plant (All parts, except for fruit)
9. Tulips
10. Christmas Tree (Needles, Tree Water)

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3 Responses to “Pet Lovers Beware of Sago Palm”

  1. Lisa Says:

    My beloved doberman died this afternoon after eating sago palm seeds two days ago. He had the most aggressive treatment available and still could not fight it. His liver was failing after about 36 hours and began bleeding internally. My younger doberman is still hanging on. It is tragic that Sagos are everywhere and it’s not well known how deadly they are.

  2. gio Says:


    I am so sorry you lost your beloved dog.

    I was recently given a bonsai sago palm, and just figured it out today doing online research about the safety of having calla lilies in a house with 3 cats [also very poisonous]. I had no idea the gift was a sago palm until today. I’m in shock. I’ve had it in the house for the past month. One of my cats ate a small shoot of a new frond just beginning to sprout. It’s probably lucky to be alive.

    Your tragic post made me realize how serious the danger of sago palm is to animals, so hopefully you have saved my pets’ and many other animals’ lives.

    I offer my sincere, deepest, heartfelt condolences.

  3. Tips for pet-proofing your home before the arrival of a new pet - Entirely Pets Says:

    [...] it. But just for a little test and if you don,t mind, do you know that some plants, for example Ivy’s are very poisonous to animals? ink/gel of pens,graphite of the pencil, good plants with insecticides are also [...]

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