Pet Insurance is Necessary for Bonfire Night

Pet owners have to take extra care of their beloved animals this bonfire night, to ensure they are not injured or traumatised.
Noise from fireworks often leads to upset pets – which in turn could cause depression, loss of appetite and fatigue.

Experts offers the following advice for keeping pets safe over the fireworks season:

Keep your pets indoors on November 5th, especially as the light starts to fade, to minimise trauma.

Pet owners who are hosting their own bonfire night party, might consider taking their pets away from the loud noise or taking them to a sitter .

And for those pets who do show signs of uneasiness at the sound of fireworks – play with them to take their mind off the noise.

Bonfire night can be one of the most traumatic times of the year for pets. Around 5,000 animals could be treated for firework related injuries this year and as well as the distress caused by these, they could also cost pet owners up to £1.6 million in vet fees.

All pet owners may choose out an pet insurance policy to avoid being hit with steep vets’ bills as a result of bonfire night accidents.

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