Pet dog along with collar and name tag swallowed by an olive python

olive-pythonIt’s being a very early and horrible end of lively little Bindi, a three years old maltese terrier cross, owned by Patty Buntine, an australian woman lives in the Northern Territory town of Katherine.

Bindi was not around for breakfast which was very unusual, so worried Buntie searched every where and eventually discovered a snake with a heavy bulging belly and was not in a position to move with a lifting head to strike.

The belly of the snake was so big that it looks like a big coconut inside it, which straight away indicates that it had ate  poor Bindi.

The maltese terrier was 5.8kg, more than half the snake’s own weight. and very agile to grab. The Olive Python is almost 3m long and is thought to be about 10 years old.

The entire thing surprised local snake expert David Reed (from Reedy’s Reptiles), who was called in to catch the pithon. Reed had a olive python that had eaten new born puppies but he never heard that a olive python had managed to consume almost 60% of its body weight for a single meal.



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