Pet Boxer Dog Brutally Killed and Disfigured

A woman has said the killing of her family’s pet boxer dog has been “absolutely heartbreaking”.

Three-year-old Brannigan was beaten to death and mutilated close to Carnlough in County Antrim.

The dog had been missing from its home in Carnlough for more than a week. Its remains were found in a field close to the village on Monday night.

Jodie Jones said Brannigan had been treated like another child in the house and described the killers as “scum”.

Brannigan had been missing from his owners’ home for eight days, however a post-mortem revealed he had been dead for just 72 hours.

post-mortem examination revealed Brannigan had been savagely beaten to death and mutilated with a blade. The animal’s front leg was also hacked off.

Ms Jones said her children would particularly miss the pet.

Stephen Philpott of the USPCA said the attack was savage, and this sheer barbarity cannot be allowed to go unpunished.

The family have offered a reward of £500 for any information which leads to the attackers being caught and prosecuted.

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2 Responses to “Pet Boxer Dog Brutally Killed and Disfigured”

  1. Aimee Says:

    I believe these stories that I am reading are horrible the killers that do these sort of things to these dogs should be put to justice and plead guilty and be sentenced in jail for as long as they stay there for doing these cruel things to these animals and especially hacking the limb off that dog and beating him to death. THAT WAS VERY SAD?

  2. Aimee Says:

    I feel really sorry for those dogs and they should be allowed to live a normal life

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