Pet Ailment Eases by Ancient Treatment

It’s amazing what needles can do.
In March, Luen Mo’s(an 11-year-old Pekinese) owner brought him in for acupuncture as a last resort when Western vet medicine could not help after he became completely paralyzed after falling off a couch.

For weeks, doctor Betty Chan stuck needles into the small pooch, and Luen Mo made gradual progress. First, he could move a bit. Then, he could scratch his ears. Finally, on June 25, the dog walked into the clinic for the first time.

The ancient Chinese art of inserting fine needles into the skin at specific points to cure ailments or ease pain by stimulating “qi” or vital energy, has been used on humans for 2,000 years.

Now vets are catching on and using acupuncture to handle an array of ailments, from paralysis to skin disease, tumours to arthritis call it a new trick to treat old dogs.

At the Tin Hau Pet Hospital, veterinarian Grace Li treats her 14-year-old cocker spaniel, Lui Lui, with acupuncture for a skin disease described in traditional Chinese medicine parlance as an excess of “damp heat.”

She also administers homeopathic remedies to sick animals. Cats take particularly well to herbs with calming properties, she said. Her clinic also offers animal aromatherapy consultations and advice on organic pet diets.

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