Maluccan Cockatoo that amused Churchill still attracting crowd

moluccan-cockatooParrot that rode high-wire bicycle to amuse Churchill in 1946 still drawing crowds

LONDON - Sixty-three years have passed since a Moluccan Cockatoo amused Britain’s wartime Prime Minister Winston Churchill by riding a high-wire bicycle, but the parrot’s old age has not stopped her from drawing crowds as yet.

Named Pinky, the parrot performed for Churchill in 1946 Miami’s Jungle Island.

She is currently 67 years old, and remains a favourite at the island.

Churchill went to America following a doctor’s advice to escape the harsh British winter, after he had led Britain to victory in World War II and later lost the 1945 General Election.

He spent eight months recuperating in sunny Florida, during which he visited the then Parrot Jungle.

“Pinky was the number one star when Churchill came,” the Sun quoted bird show manager Ryan Prentice as saying.

“Although the show’s changed over the years, one thing that’s never changed is Pinky’s bicycle ride along the high wire.

“She sings and says some words. Imagine what she might say if she could talk properly!

“Parrots can live to over 100. Maybe she’ll learn a few more words in her later years and tell us all about the meeting,” Prentice added.

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