Octomom may add a pig to her brood of 14 kids

NEW YORK - Nadya Suleman, who became a history-making mum after giving birth to octuplets three months ago, is considering adding a pet to her house with 14 kids.

The single, unemployed mum, who uses the services of a non-profit agency to raise her brood, said she has been thinking of yielding in to her older kids’ demands for a family pet.

“For a couple of years, the kids have been asking for a dog. I’ve actually been looking into a pig, like a little one,” the New York Daily News quoted her as telling Radaronline.com.

The 33-year-old had previously depended on food stamps, disability benefits and student loans to cope up with life.

Suleman, who is looking to trademark her “Octo-mom” nickname and may land a deal with a reality show, said she would also look into the possibility of managing a Pomeranian or similar teacup pup. (ANI)


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