Neighbours’ nod compulsory to own a dog in China

NEW DELHI - From now on, residents in China’s Luwan District of Shanghai, who wish to keep a pet dog, will have to attend a hearing with their neighbours for their approval.

According to the Shanghai Daily, the district’s public security bureau director said that the program has been launched in a bid to avoid neighbourhood disputes caused by dogs.

Households that fail to get the nod from all five neighbours will be refused a dog license, and unlicensed pets will be confiscated.

The trial is taking place at Ruijin No.2 Road police station, reports the China Daily.

When a resident will apply for a dog license, the neighbourhood committee will arrange a hearing between the applicant and their five nearest neighbours, who will then vote on the issue after the applicant gives a statement.

“It is a good way to reduce future conflicts caused by pet dogs,” said Chen Mingjun, director of the Luwan District branch of the Shanghai Public Security Bureau.

Currently, a dog owner can receive a license after gathering five signatures from neighbours.

Now, Luwan District is giving the neighbours an opportunity to sit together, discuss and vote to approve or reject a license application. (ANI)


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