Need For Discretion In Choosing Pet

Animal experts said, dog attacks are highlighting the need for families to check out breeds of dogs before committing to one.

A puppy can be a great gift Christmas morning, but as one Clermont County family will tell you, you might want to learn as much as you can about the breed.

D.J. Preston, 6, remains hospitalized after his grandfather’s chow mauled him.

“The dog was eating him,” said Gilbert Preston, the boy’s father. “He was shaking him.”

The child’s grandfather shot and killed the dog, and officials said charges won’t likely be filed.

“A dog like a chow, that’s a guardian,” said Norma Wolf, of the Clermont County Kennel Club. “These dogs have particular behaviors that you need to be aware of when choosing a dog.”

Hamilton County officials recorded nearly 700 dog bites since January 2004. At the top of the list were German shepherds and Labradors — also the two most popular breeds. News 5 found that bulldogs came in third, while miniatures — such as Chihuahuas, Shitzus and Yorkies — were fourth. Chows had the fifth-most reported bites, with 39 attacks.

The only breed-specific state law deals with is pit bulls, and many Tri-State cities have their own ordinances banning pit bulls.

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