Meet the lecherous duckling that follows only pretty girls to their homes!

NEW DELHI - A pet duckling has won the hearts of many with its unusual habit of eyeing pretty girls and following them to their homes.

Owner Guo Shuxin, 74, revealed that the duck appeared to “understand human nature” and reacted in nearly the same manner, reports the China Daily.

Guo, from Dalian, Liaoning province, said: “The duck seems to understand human nature. It follows me wherever I go and show intimacies with me by pecking at my shoes or trouser legs of the pretty girls we meet.”

It was further revealed that the pet often trailed well-dressed girls to their homes and refused to get back to her keeper without company.

She said: “The girls have to escort such a lechery pet duck home because they know its keeper well and like the pet so much.” (ANI)


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