laws to protect dogs from exploitation and suffering: Beware puppy mill owners

save-me-plsAnti-cruelty bill is all set to thwart the puppy mill industry. The Indiana House of Representatives has recently passed House Bill 1468, an anti-cruelty bill. State Reps. Linda Lawson, D-Hammond, and Jackie Walorski, R-Lakeville, introduced the new legislation with Reps. Trent Van Haaften, D-Mount Vernon, and Gerald Torr, R-Carmel, as co-sponsors.

Currently the puppy mill owners subject harsh and brutal treatment to the dogs that they keep for breeding. They have little regard for sound breeding practices or the health of the animals they sell in mass numbers to pet stores and Internet buyers. Dogs bred at puppy mills live their entire lives confined to small cages, without human attention or exercise, never knowing the pleasure of a treat, a toy, a bed or the feeling of grass under their feet.

Puppy mills constitute a multimillion-dollar industry that dupes buyers with flashy Web sites, official-looking registration papers, empty guarantees and smooth-talking salespeople.

A recent investigation conducted by The Humane Society of the United States proved that claims made by pet store salespeople and on puppy sellers’ ads and Web sites are often deceiving.

The new bill passed has the following characteristics:

1) It limits the number of dogs one can possess.
2) The dogs should be provided with at least one hour of daily outdoor exercise.
3) Female dogs should be bred one litter per year.
4) Breeding facilities should consistently cleaned and constructed to protect dogs from disease and injury and be free of wire flooring.
5) On purchase of sick dogs or dogs with congenital problems lemon law would refund or reimburse veterinarian bills for consumers.

In any event, please let your elected officials know that you want Indiana to crack down on puppy mills. Ask them to support HB 1468.


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