Just Fly With Your Pets

Don’t want to leave your pet alone at home when you’re about to Flyl? Then just take them with you.

China Southern Airlines has offered passengers a detailed look into the regulations and must-knows about safely travelling with your pets :

Question: Are passengers permitted to take their pets into the cabin?

Answer: According to Civil Aviation regulations, pets are not allowed onboard the aircraft except for dogs for the seeing impaired. There are four reasons: First, once a pet (lets say a dog or cat) becomes agitated and beyond its guardian’s control after boarding, it may run about the cabin and is very likely to bite off its restraining leach or hamper Flight Attendants in their duties.

Second, the pet could carry bacteria or parasites and since the cabin is relatively small and a sealed and constant temperature environment which is favorable to the multiply and infection of the bacteria, it could affect the health of the passengers and the aircrew.

Third, some pets such as mice could easily throw passengers into a panic, and pets of any species can leave their droppings randomly in the cabin.

If passengers do want to travel together with their pet, they can consign it according to the airline regulations and it will be shipped to the destination on the same flight as the owner.

Passengers need to apply for permission for consignment of the pets when booking tickets, giving details about the pets, such as species, quantity and requirements for shipment and providing relevant certificates and obtain approval from the airline. On the same day of boarding, passengers need to pack their pet in an appropriate traveling box or container and go to the Cargo Consigning Department of the airline to pass through the necessary procedures. Those who hold China Southern’s tickets need to go to China Southern’s Cargo Station located at the Guangzhou’s new Baiyun International Airport.

When the owner, transporting animals on-board China Southern Airlines, must supply specific certificates. Consigners should produce quarantine certificates from the quarantine station above the county level and if the pet is being taken abroad, should also produce the animal import license and transfer license.

China Southern Airlines recommends that passengers transport their pet themselves as airline clerks at each airport will examine whether the packing case is solid, has the proper ventilation and whether the pet in able to eat and drink. The packing case should conform to the following requirements: First, the packing case should be firm enough to prevent the pet from opening it from the inside. Second, the packing case should be properly ventilated. Third, the packing case needs to be able to hold the pet’s droppings during flight and ground handling.

Pets may not be shipped when they are pregnant, due to give birth within 48 hours or if they are still breast-feeding their litter.

Consigning one’s pet is as simple as moving ordinary cargo. Passengers need to fill out a consignation form and provide necessary certificates and documents and then obtain the pet’s ticket – or air waybill.

The consignor will often be paying a higher rate for the pet than ordinary cargo and in some instances there could be 150% charge of the ordinary cargo between the domestic cities in China. Charges on International shipments vary due to different destinations but the consignor will also have to pay a customs declaration fare and quarantine fare - except the rate for shipment.

If you consign your pet to China Southern, it will enjoy China Southern’s “First-Class” cargo service. Your pet will not only be looked after before the boarding but also be supervised during the entire trip.

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