Introducing Your Pet to New Baby: Some Essential Tips

Bringing a new baby home is exciting and stressful for everyone in-volved, including your pets. Everyone has to adjust, but this can be especially harder for pets. How can we make this adjustment period easier? Adapting to change is never easy, but here are some important tips for a smoother transition

Q: How can I expect my pet to react to a new baby?

A: Since your pet likely receives a great deal of your attention, it is understandable that it might experience “sibling rivalry” when your attention shifts to the baby. It’s a good idea to begin preparing your pet months before the anticipated arrival.

Q: How can I prepare my pet for a new baby?

A: Slowly reduce the time you spend with your pet, so the change in attention will not be so drastic. If you pet’s play includes nibbling, swatting, pawing, or jumping in your lap, begin training to change the pet’s behavior. Prepare the pet for stressful new noises by playing a recording of a baby crying, and if the baby’s room is going to be off-limits to the pet, set up a child gate or other barrier well in advance. Double-stick tape will discourage cats from jumping on changing tables and cribs.

Q: How do I introduce my pet to the baby?

A: Bring something with the baby’s scent home from the hospital so the pet can get used to the new smells. Try to keep your routines as normal as possible, and spend one-on-one time with your pet daily.

Source: The Daily Citizen


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