How To Keep Our Pets Happy

Is Pluto scared or bored when left home alone? Does Riki have separation anxiety? Definitely, say a growing number of pet owners and experts in the pet-care field.

Once upon a time, our furry little friends were really neglected and passed their days away in relative oblivion.
But in an era in which pets are treated like children, many pet owners try to find ways to keep their dogs and cats entertained during long days when they are home alone. To help with this there are now dog and cat sitters, special animal day care services and a litany of pet products, including a tennis ball machine for dogs and a kitty-friendly video or a pet sitter.
Some really worry about their dogs getting bored and others just don’t want their dog or cat getting into trouble while they are out.
Experts recommend giving pets “jobs” to do when home alone. If you don’t give dogs a job they become gardeners and tear up the yard, or home decorators and tear up the furniture, or firefighters and put out all the imaginary fires.
This pet “employment” can come in many forms. If dogs stay outside, owners should bury treats in a select area of the yard, thus teaching them to dig in that one specific spot.

an inspired dog is a happy dog and a happy dog normally live a longer trouble free life.


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