Honda’s dog-friendly car comes as a blessing to pet owners

MELBOURNE - Wish to see your pet well secured in the car, and having car seats free of dog hair and slobber? Well, then Honda’s new ‘Element’ might be the your saviour.

Touted as the “ultimate dog car”, Element has many canine-friendly features like cushioned bed, pet-restraint system and a ramp so that a dog doesn’t have to jump into the back.

The Japanese carmaker unveiled the boxy-looking Dog Friendly Element at this week’s New York motor show.

And the softroader is designed specifically to cater for dog owners.

“In an interesting turn of events, cars are now chasing dogs. Factory integration of a cushioned pet bed, restraint systems and other components is intended to transform the Element into the ultimate dog car,” quoted Honda America’s Executive Vice President John Mendel as saying.

The special Element, which will on sale in the US in late 2009, has handy features that will help owners transport their precious pooches.
The car comes with many clever touches, some of which include a cushioned bed in the cargo area with an elevated platform, second row and cargo area pet-restraint systems, a 12-volt rear ventilation fan, and an extendable cargo area load-in ramp so your dog has no need to jump into the back.

The ramp stores beneath the bed platform and can be easily accessed when the rear tailgate is down.

The car also has second-row seat covers with a dog pattern design (matched to the pet-bed fabric), all-season rubber floor mats with a toy bone pattern, and a spill-resistant water bowl.

Honda Australia spokesman Mark Higgins said: “I think there is no better sight to see than a family with their dog on board. If all these concepts could be used in a [Honda] CR-V and it’s considered viable, our parts people would be happy to consider it.” (ANI)


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