Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is determined to push a “pet tax” to raise revenues

Schwarzenegger is in a hurry, wants this “pet tax” proposal to be passed as early as possible and within 10 days.

Pet owners are worrying about a huge financial burden for keeping  pets. They are all ready to fight it back.

Experts believe that Governor should understand that pets are family member, most people don’t consider animals as a luxury, and this new pet tax will force people to avoid vet and pet care which is already unbearable. Veterinarians say the tax would add about 9-percent to the cost of vet care.

Republicans say the state can generate billions of new dollars by selling offshore oil drilling rights, but that idea has little support at the capitol. So for now, the focus is on the pet tax.

However, (seems to be totally unaware about the reaction of the people) Schwarzenegger says that everyone gotten a wake up call this is no just where we can debate- we are running out of money.

Well - well, we can’t blame pet lovers if they from now on boycott  Schwarzenegger films.

source:Losangeles News


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  1. Odie Dancer Says:


    I have no problem with pets but I live in a predomenatly white neighborhood where people are constantly walking pets and sometimes it makes me angry that when they walk down the sidewalk(with their pets) or leave dog crap, they are just in their pet world not considering others around them. I have several examples where I was a victim. We already live in a world with so much hatred it makes it a bit worse when you have to deal with pet owners and their tunnel vision of the world around them with their pets. I do not care how you slice the equation, pets ARE NOT A NECESSITY. Keep in mind I love golf, and I am not upset about him wanting to raising the tax(and I cant really afford golf), but I understand golf is not a NECESSITY as well. It’s just something that I like to do. It is time that all Americans stand up and take some responsibility for our country. We are all selfish individuals in some sort of way (which is sad) But I am not mad at him for trying to solve a problem. It’s one of those things that we stupid AMERICANS after all these years of schooling still cannot seem to understand: WHAT YOU DO WILL EFFECT OTHERS IN SOME WAY. EITHER DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY. Someone screwed up the budget, someone has to pay. We all know how politicians are, but we keep believing in them. Again we are selfish and shifty individuals anyway. We don’t get upset until something directly effects us that we lash out that it’s not fair. You pet owners GROW UP!!! Life isn’t fair. If you cant afford pet’s anyway, you shouldn’t have them. That means you are living beyond your means. And this is something my ancestors raised me on. DO NOT LIVE BEYOND YOUR MEANS OR YOU WILL BE A POOR MAN. That’s why I will still be golfing.

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